A favorite band from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Stellar songwriting and thought-provoking pop punk lyrics about real life make this band as comfy and relatable as it is fresh and new. Small Mess started in August 2016. Small Mess is Becca (vocals, guitar), Jared (bass), Jordan (drums), and Mitch (guitar).
"Hailing from upstate New York, Rocky Burning is alive with ambition. This is a point made readily apparent every time he takes the stage. Rocky has come to his current state of being by traversing a gamut of rock and roll pitfalls and coming out the other side unscathed. He cut his teeth fronting the psychedelic hard rock band "amongst the monks" for several years as they churned out their freshman and sophomore records. They recorded in New York City and toured around eastern U.S. Now Rocky has moved upward and onward recording his 5 song EP "drinking champagne in public" which he has released under his own name. This work is definitively anthemic blues rock taken to the nth degree. It's a classic revival blended with some mod tones and lyrics. The endless hooks attack like ebola and are nearly as difficult to get away from. Listen to the record, watch Rocky perform and your inner rock 'n' roll addict will thank you!"

“Sweet Home” is a hard driving Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band from rural Upstate New York. Formed in early 2018 by a group of seasoned musicians. 

This band has set out to capture the Southern Rock energy and vibe of the 70’s.

With a “down home” rock n’ roll sound, this seven piece band has quickly attracted the attention of those loyal Skynyrd fans looking to experience a live Southern rock musical experience that has been absent in the central NY music scene for too long.

Eddy Martyn Lead vocals
Daniel Taggart Lead guitar & vocals
Mike Whitney Lead guitar & vocals
Derek Powers Bass guitar & vocals
Marv Hill Drums 
Eric Glathar keyboard & vocals
Jo Whitney Lead & backing vocals


Molina is an Alternative/ Rock band from Binghamton NY, formed in 2014.  

Molina has gained attention in the music community and one can see the influences of NY native bands "Interpol" and "The National" with Molina's enthralling guitar riffs, and ever driving bass lines, topped off with a distinct vocal range.

Molina was humbled to share the stage with 80's legend Tom Keifer from the iconic band "Cinderella". The response was overwhelming and sparked the band into releasing their 5 track EP "Swing Devotion" in late December 2015.

This was the bands first time to show their true potential and Molina is working to gain exposure locally and nationally.


Answer The Muse

Ithaca, NY


"A multi-faceted soul affirming musical experience; more than a band, Answer the Muse moves and transforms you. Take the journey!"


We are proudly "out of the box". Our musical journeys integrate original music, covers, theatre, meditation, and movement that uplift. No matter what your venue, we can custom design a musical experience.

"Answer the Muse is not only a collective of extraordinarily talented musicians and singer/songwriters, but also engaging, transformative performance art. More than a concert, ATM is a transcendent experience."



I like to make music. 
Can also land a kickflip. 
From parts unknown.


Static in the Attic is a blues/rock three piece rooted in Carbondale, PA, that channels vibes from each other's old-school and modern style of multiple rockin' genres. The band's origins date back to 2010, and they have since progresed to playing alongside touring acts such as Big D & The Kids Table, The Flatliners, and Badfish: A Tribute To Sublime. Static has also performed at multiple popular venues such as The 45th Anniversary Woodstock Reunion, and in 2014, released their first album "On The Street", including a rendition of the Hendrix classic "Hey Joe", along with two music videos. You don't want to miss it, so come dig the funky riffs and bluesy grooves and feel the Static!


Voodoo Highway and Company

Voodoo Highway is an original blues-rock jam band in the spirit of classic blues, the Allman Brothers, and the Grateful Dead. Their music has found success on both FM and internet radio, where they have had four tracks from their debut album "Hidin' Out with the Blues" hit #1 on listener-voted monthly top-10 lists. The band features Dana Stewart on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Bob Rynone on lead and slide guitar and vocals, Tom D'Angelo on drums and percussion, and Chris Rice on vocals and bass; Voodoo Highway & Company is the extended version of the band and also features Curtis Kendrick on keys and vocals. For more information find them on Facebook or check out http://voodoohighwayband.com


Raibred is a progadelic jamband from the Binghamton, NY area. Raibred formed as a band in the fall of 2011 and have played over 150 shows all across the NY/PA region. At a Raibred show, you can never expect to see the same show twice as the sets are constantly evolving. Originals have a wide variety of genres from jazz fusion, funk, progressive rock, psychedelia, etc. Raibred lives for improvisation and being able to have the freedom to express emotions through music. So if you ever decide to come and check out one of Raibred's shows, expect a raging night and the thrill of not knowing what is coming next...

Nate Calzetoni- Guitar/Vocals
John Fitzgerald- Bass/Vocals
Jeff Howard- Drums/Vocals
Mike Paffie- Keys/Synth




Since 2001, Andru Bemis has wandered the ends, edges and in-betweens of North America like a musical Johnny Appleseed, tuning neglected pianos and bringing joy to audiences wherever he goes. Traveling almost exclusively by foot, thumb, and public transportation, Bemis carries the tools of his trade in his pack: a piano tuning kit and an assortment of battered musical instruments—banjo, fiddle, guitar, and occasional banjolele. His unmistakeable voice, exquisitely crafted songs of travel, love and longing, uncommon skill on multiple instruments, quirky humor, and engaging stage presence have endeared him to countless audiences and fellow performers in venues of every size and description.


Andru Bemis has twice toured as the opening act and fiddler/banjoist for John Reilly & Friends, featuring actor/comedian/singer John C. Reilly, Becky Stark, and Tom Brosseau. Highlights of these tours include sold-out shows at Lincoln Center, Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, the first ever public performances in Milwaukee’s historic Miller Caves, beneath the Miller Brewery, and an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Bemis has also performed or toured with Dan Bern, Joshua Davis, Tony Furtado, Sarah Lee Guthrie, Charlie Louvin, Over the Rhine, Amanda Palmer, Noam Pikelny, Rachel Ries, Sam Shepard, the Steel Wheels, Sebastian Steinberg, Two Man Gentlemen Band, Willie Watson, Jason Webley, Woody Pines, and many others.


Songs from Bemis’ self-produced albums are played on radio stations throughout the country, and have been featured in a number of independent films.

Binghamton may be a cloudy city, but overcast breeds beauty, and when it comes to the arts, there is no shortage. We are a band composed of four musicians looking to shed a little light on a bleak world. Look out for our song “New Life” on Binghamton’s alternative station 100.5 The Drive!

Grapefruit Cannonball is a three-piece alternative rock band from a small town in northern Pennsylvania. Like big fish in a little pond, these upstarts have been winning fans wherever they play.

The three founding members are Jorden Isbell (drums, guitar, vocals), Josh Morgan (guitar, vocals, keyboard/piano), and Danny Wilhelm (bass). Josh and Danny had been playing music together for a couple of years. They met Jorden in junior high school and became friends through their passion for music. After jamming on multiple occasions as a hobby, they decided they wanted to take it further and officially form a band. They found success in a junior high talent show and a band competition. They played a few shows and fairs as a result. Realizing they had something special, they started writing music together.


After winning another band competition, they decided to take their show in the road and expand their fan base. Since that time, they have played many shows from upstate New York to southern Pennsylvania, including two sets at the world-famous Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. Boardman departed the band shortly after.

2017 was a milestone year for the band. After playing their original songs for fans since their humble beginnings, it was time for the world to hear them. During the summer, they teamed with award-winning producer Andrew Chervak to record their first single, Bang Bang Bang, which was released in digital format in September of 2017. A month and a half later, they released their debut album, Idol, which was self-recorded and self-produced throughout the summer of 2017 in a small, remote cottage.

Idol consists of their own version of Bang Bang Bang, along with ten other songs. From heartfelt songs like Distant Love and The Weight to rockers like Toxic Girl and The Girl from Outer Space, each song takes a peek into the hearts and souls of the band members and shows a maturity well beyond their years. One listen is not enough.

Grapefruit Cannonball continues to write music and play shows. Be sure to follow them on their various social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation.


                 Waverly, New York's very own up and coming power trio, Friends with Benny's, began as a collaboration between friends of three previously, (and currently), successful local bands. Sharing a common vested interest in musical expression, and an unparalleled appreciation for an array of genres, they combined to create the super-group they are to-date. Be it tightly played tributes with a twist, or sui generis compositions of front man, Benjamin Borko; from Funk to Folk, Rock to Reggae, and everything before and between, Friends with Benny's is bound to please!


-Benjamin Borko : lyrics, vocals, rhythm/lead guitar, (and namesake of this eclectic group) is backed by the precision percussion of Joseph Soprano, sublime rhythms of bass guitar player Jacob Brennan.


danger is our middle name

Well here's the short version....Tijuana Danger Danger Dogs began in 2011 as a collaboration between Michael Toyryla and Jesse Wheeler, in what was to be an outlet for the pop and electronic ideas they couldn't use in their other projects. The two met in 1999 and their chemistry was evident immediately. They formed several hard rock bands together and earned their stripes gigging regularly and releasing multiple independent recordings.

In 2010, a tragic accident nearly killed Michael, leaving him paralyzed and his musical ambitions an afterthought. Defying the odds, Michael's recovery progressed, and he and Jesse began working together again: Tijuana Danger Dogs was born as a studio project. The band released several singles and an EP from 2012-2014.  In late 2014, Mike and Jesse decided to expand the horizons of the TDD project and create a live act which would feature original songs as well as fresh takes on covers. The current lineup rounded out in 2017 with Caleb Wheeler on drums and Keagan Toyryla on bass/vocals.  Caleb and Keagan just happen to be Mike and Jesse's sons - yes, this is a true ROCK N ROLL FAMILY.  Check out the Tour page for details on where you can catch them next.





Their debut self-released album Born On Sunday, is a collection of 10 “WOW! I felt like you were talking directly to me” conversion stories. This album is filled with, “lovely little nudges and perfect timings.” To sum up their music, is it best described as AHA moments of inspiration in the genre of Christian rock.

In a sea of Christian rockers Mike & Jo stand out not only with their sub-genre twist of guitar driven rock and ensemble influences, but also their well-known standing at the crossroads lyrics. Their primary means of gaining new fans and marketing is by performing for churches and performing Arts Centers. In 2018 they plan to continue their path as recording artists and live performers, as well as help other artists achieve success in prayerful song.

Ship Of Phools


The bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began.


There was Cowboy Neal at the wheel of a bus to never ever land. 

"The best Grateful Dead jams around." -SOP

Ship of Phools (Grateful Dead Tribute Band) – Binghamton NY


Ship of Phools was created by long-time friends and Grateful Dead Tour brothers Brian Coyne and Chris Mack. They are joined by bassist Ryan Letcher and Mark McCabe on lead guitar and vocals. The core four are known to play with a variety of other musicians at any given appearance and can be seen throughout the Southern Tier of New York and Finger Lakes region as well as Northeast PA and Central New York State. The band strives to create an Authentic Grateful Dead Tribute by not recreating exact versions of songs but keeping with the spirit of the Dead and making each show a unique experience. Whether on the big stage for a full electric show or on the small stage for an intimate acoustic experience, Ship of Phools has you covered and promises to deliver a jam filled, REAL GOOD TIME!


The Gerry Jarcia String Band

The Gerry Jarcia String Band is a new group of seasoned musicians based out of Johnson City, NY who are

quickly expanding their fanbase with the mission of sharing hard-driving rhythms and catchy Old-Time tunes to

the ‘next town over’. Revivalists with Rock N Roll hearts, they play old music that still resonates today and their

audiences can’t help to dance, hoot, and holler well after each show ends. And, if you’re picturing a Grateful

Dead tribute band, think again. They play a range of covers and original music inspired by the music that

encompassed Jerry Garcia’s roots. Their rip-snortin’ old time dance music has packed shows over capacity,

and most important: they’re all about having FUN.

If you want to picture their live shows, picture this: a boot stompin’ dance party, where the crowd and band alike

are kicking up the dust, making the party beg for more excitement. The Gerry Jarcia String Band is currently

bringing this familiar scene to a multitude of venues in Central New York, and are expanding their radius to do

weekend tours on the road this Summer. Wherever they go, their fans will follow, traveling out to share in

another vivacious encounter.

The GJSB was born out of a Traditional Old-Time Music jam that Brian Vollmer organized, of which members

Paul Koanui, James Pieszala, and Drew Gildea became regulars of, each month at a local bar. Their late night

choices of songs leaned towards inspirations of the former banjo player and folk-singer Jerry Garcia and his

acoustic related projects before and outside of the Grateful Dead. Brian offered these select musicians from the

jam an opportunity for a short notice spot at a local festival and an after party, and they were able to organize

an entire setlist in a day. The way the audience reacted to their traditional instruments and rock and roll vibe,

solidified the project.

The response from press was immediate as well, with places like FLX Live saying they “[emphasize] the joy of

bluegrass and [filter] it through traditionals and beyond, into arguably the greatest song book in America” and

Brad from the crew of Originals saying they “[know] how to deliver a night of entertainment sure to keep your

customers wanting more. The band will be back and so will their new fans.” Additionally, Mike Liberty from

Ransom Steele says they are “one of [their] favorite new acts” because they “pack the house and bring their

own brand of old time and roots dance music.”


The Gerry Jarcia String Band is an acoustic melange like none-other. All shows they’ve headlined thus far have

been flooded with excitement. The music is timeless and the players are talented. Whether it means throwing

in a tribute song, laughing about the state of the world, or even bringing in a caller for an impromptu mid-show

square dance, they are above all else dedicated to keep their crowds smiling, legs shaking, and them toes



The Gerry Jarcia String Band is available for booking. For more information, contact

thegerryjarciastringband@gmail .com.



Slideways is a Trio featuring Pedal Steel, Blues Harp and Guitar, playing everything from blues and jazz standards to Willie Nelson and the Grateful Dead

Slideways started out in 1980 as a 5-piece Country Rock Band and played regularly for 5 years. Original band members being Bob Merritt, Chuck Kennedy, Tom Holic, Kevin Johns and Duke Holdsworth. When the guitar player moved to the South, we decided it was a good time to take a “sabbatical”, playing the occasional party, fundraiser and our annual barn party. When the opportunity came up to play for the local Earth Fest in 1992, we formed an expanded ensemble for the occasion and quickly settled back into our original 5-piece with guitar player Mark Poore.
Now we continue on as a trio with original band members Bob Merritt on Guitar and Pedal Steel Guitar, Chuck Kennedy on Guitar and Duke Holdsworth on Blues Harp and lead vocals.
Our current repertoire includes Blues, Country, Jazz, Folk and Rock, with everything from Billy Holiday to the Grateful Dead.

The Kitchen Sink Band pays tribute to the great tradition of American music, drawing from an extensive catalog of blues, rock, and country inspirations.  Heavily influenced by modern blues rock and classic country, with a healthy dose of jam band thrown in, The Kitchen Sink Band will play some songs you’ve loved for years and also introduce you to some new favorites.    Catch us on the web at www.thekitchensinkband.com, Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kitchensin kband, on Twitter and Instagram @sink_band for show updates and Kitchen Sink news!

Chris Mollo

Combines his love of music with soulful vocals. The results can be heard as well as felt throughout all his performances.

The musical talents of Chris Mollo can easily be described as "comfortable" , enthusiastic and rich with heart felt soul. Emanating his deep passion of several types of genres known throughout music history. Some covers that are captured in essence of his acoustic sounds are The Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band, Gov't Mule, Led Zeppelin, John Mayer, and newer artists such as Ed Sheeran and James Bay. By not limiting himself to a single genre of music allows Chris to compile such an abundance of music that appeals to such a vast array of the audience of all ages. Family friendly-music so it can be enjoyed by everyone who is listening. The dedication to the art he brings as a musician/vocalist can be felt by all when playing from private events to a large crowd.

Dusty Wayne and Mr. Pete


Dusty Wayne and Mr Pete have been on the musical circuit for SIX YEARS RUNNING, playing a

huge assortment of venues and events, all the while, creating Four CDs of their original music

About those original songs on their CD’s…………Clever in their lyrics, varied in their musical

styles, and sophisticated in their production, they have conjured up four very unique and

pleasing-to-the-ear CD’s that will have you taping your toes, while pondering their lyrics.

Dusty Wayne and Mr Pete are a creative force to be reckoned with.