Our very first two Music and Arts Festivals were a success!
But why are we postponing the Sept and Oct events until 2019?
It's a fork in the road,
Hi, It's Russ The BIG Guy. We were successful in creating the very first two regional Music and Arts Festivals under the No Tuxedo, LLC banner! Many thanks to all of the participants who have worked so hard to bring these experiences to our community. We are fortunate to have sponsors, vendors, artists and performers who believe that a regional pillar event or several is a benefit for our area.
Our goals were:
1) Establish a viable template for a pillar event.
2) Work with the town and the Parks Department to establish a positive working relationship.
3) Attract participation from the greater community including artists, vendors, entrepreneurs, sponsors, volunteers and attendees.
4) Prove to all involved (and people watching) that together we could start something amazing!
We have achieved these goals. Now it's time to evaluate and continue to move forward. We have decided to postpone the September 2018 and October 2018 Music and Arts Festivals.
The short answer is that resources are stretched too far to provide the unique event that we are needing in our community. It will not benefit anyone involved if we just produce a small local event again and we already did it twice. Given the small number of vendors and sponsors currently on board for these last two events, the unpredictable weather, and the fact that many people are unavailable during August, I believe we are all best served to allow several months to find the resources we need for a 2019 event of the next magnitude. Additionally, most of the vendors are booked in advance. Some vendors and artists are booked a year in advance. So as you can imagine, although interested, they have not been available for our first year events.
We will be looking for regional or national sponsor who will provide us with the budget to have a headliner and a multi day event and the advertising that goes along with it.
We still need everyone currently involved to stay involved! Sponsors and vendors who have paid will be moved forward to a 2019 event. If you have not heard from me personally feel free to call me directly at 607-725-5704. Although all vendor fees and sponsorships are nonrefundable, if it presents a hardship I will take care of you! We all appreciate your support and want you to continue being part of our story as we grow.
Our plan is to have current advertisers in the program book included in the 2019 edition. Rather than a reprint for this summer it will be a new book for 2019!
Any free tickets that are circulating for the Sept and Oct 2018 events will be honored in 2019.
The planning/advisory board will be meeting weekly to build toward 2019 and we invite you to join us.
The private facebook page will be weeded out to include only those people who have been active and we will add interested parties as you become involved. This is where the group's internal communication will be active.
Join us as a sponsor, organizer,
FUNdraising partner or attendee.
We are having fun!
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