"The Dome of Drones is a family owned business that is geared towards helping people understand how to safely operate a drone tied in with a game that uses drones to test the players ability to land on a platform. If they land a drone they can win prizes,prizes vary depending on how many players are playing. If 4 players are playing the prize is a small drone. We also offer drones for sale and let our customers fly them to feel comfortable operating them before the finial purchase to ensure the parents and the child are comfortable with the child's ability to control the drone they are purchasing." We also offer drone based aerial photography and video services.
Fly your drone, or ours, in a contained 50' drag strip. Or try the Drone Obstacle Course! Get your name on the leader board! Maybe even win some prizes.
Small fee.

Rolling Fire Glassworks

Watch us create custom glass products. Yes, we use fire!
We are a smoke shop with focus on American glass products.
We have a full studio and offer customs, repairs and glassblowing classes!

Super excited to be bringing you the Farmhouse Brewery and several of their craft creations selected especially for each event! 

"Farm Fresh From Ground To Glass" is our motto.  A combination of the freshest ingredients and our Brewer's excellent palate produces art in every pint.
Our barley is grown by qualified small grains farmers from all over New York State.  Only the highest quality grain makes its way to our on-site malthouse, where we painstakingly malt each batch of barley using a time-tested artisanal process.

Our hops are of the highest quality that we can source from seasoned hops growers with New York State. 


Bad Ass BBQ for any event size, music festival, parties, weddings, sporting events,

schools, communities, and anything else you can dream of.

We work together to make it all happen.

Pig Vycious NorthEastern BBQ is a Bad Ass Mobile BBQ, taking the Southern Classics and putting OUR New York Flavor to them, giving YOU, NORTHEASTERN BBQ!! Notice: SMOKED meats, like ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, and chicken often have a pink layer directly below the surface, nestled neatly under the bark. Your meat is NOT undercooked!


Bobby K Entertainment offers the best in entertainment for your biggest parties and events! 

Have you considered a mechanical bull for your next company picnic?
What about a Fantasy Casino Night for your next fundraiser?
Need amusement or carnival games? 

Interactive inflatables, obstacle courses, photo products, arts & crafts, game shows and unique entertainment ideas

are all available from Bobby K Entertainment.

You will be entertained by Bob as he regales you with stories of living and as he shares his process with you. Bob will be investing many hours at each event creating live art of various kinds. Enjoy the interaction, ask questions. Maybe he will let you make some art too.

"BABs" has had more than 20 recent exhibits in Binghamton, Vestal, Owego and Johnson City, New York. 

He is mostly "self-taught",  although he did spend two years at The Albert Pels' School of Commercial Art and Advertising in Manhattan. 

Raised in NYC, he began making art by drawing cartoons with his dad at the kitchen table. His teen years were filled with lots of  music and art, playing in bands and experimenting with art. 

In addition to his visual creations, Bricks is also an accomplished musician, playing drums with a dozen local bands such as    V.A.P.E,  The Chain Gang and GarbageHead; and creates his own experimental audio-scapes. He also recently retired after 30 years as a City Letter Carrier with The U.S. Postal Service and is making "his art" full time.

For more information you can find him at Bob Alan Bricks Artist on Facebook and Instagram.


607-242 4367


"It took me four years to

paint like Raphael,

but a lifetime to paint

like a child."
~ Pablo Picasso

Join us as a sponsor, organizer,
FUNdraising partner or attendee.
We are having fun!
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